The new diagnostic tool-- Launch CRP129 Creader Auto Code Scanner

When you start your car, you can hear what your car out of the question. Your car sound different? Your car sound more quietly? As an owner, you can clearly know where your car different from what it usually is running sound and its health status. But when you put the car to a repair shop, maintenance personnel cant hear your car has a problem. They usually say, "did not find any problems, but in order to avoid the situation become more worse, you need to replace some parts," but it requires huge cost. The way to resolve the situation now is that they used automotive diagnostic tool to check the seriousness of the problem, go to the car repair shop repair.

has a unique and 3.5 TFT color screen, supports all 10 OBDII test modes for complete diagnostic. It enables users to quickly complete the testing. Supply graphics, recording, playback data and troubleshooting code tips to help users save time diagnosis and repair.

Nowadays, the cars have many complex electronic systems and onboard computer, to diagnose and repair them, only experience and common instrument is not enough Maxidas DS708. Automotive diagnostic will identify the exact problem, for example: check engine light, poor fuel economy, vehicle emissions test fails, the engine power loss, engine stall, engine misfire, cylinder misfire and warning lights. Launch CRP129 OBDII / EOBD code reader not only can help you detect problems but also provide solution. It really let you know your car situation convenient.

Why the automotive diagnostic is important?
Repair shops try to solve a problem, if no car diagnostic tools, they can only rely on past experience, try a variety of methods repairs. This greatly increases the labor costs, and ultimately repair shop can't determine what's wrong with your car, they can only be found in a series of reasons that led to this situation, and they need to fix this series of questions. That is time-consuming and costs money.

Owned car diagnostic tool, car owners can diagnose the problem by themselves allscanner vcx plus, you only need to connect the car computer to the car diagnostic tool, and you can easily know the status of your car. This avoids duplication repair car repair shop to spend a lot of time and money.

Now the new have online upgrade feature, in accordance with the instruction manual steps, you will be able to detect your car by yourself anywhere.
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