Safety is the most important, car brakes maintenance tips

Brake system for the driver's life safety is critical, once the brake system failure when owner drives the car, tend to lead to a major accident. So we should pay special attention to the maintenance of automotive brake systems. Under normal circumstances, the front brake pads wear relatively quickly, the life span of the rear brake pads is relatively long. In the daily maintenance checks should focus on the following areas:

1 allscanner vcx plus, Under normal driving conditions, driving 5000 km on each brake pads need check again, not only to check the remaining thickness Launch X431 IV, also check the status of brake pads wear, the degree of wear on both sides are the same, whether the return freely, etc., found abnormal situation must be dealt with immediately.

2, iron brake pads linings generally composed of two parts, iron plate and friction materials, don't want friction materials was wear only replaced the wear parts. E.g. Jetty front brake pads, the film thickness is 14mm, and the replacement is 7mm maximum thickness, which includes more than 3mm thicknesses and friction linings iron nearly 4mm of material thickness. Some vehicles with brake pads alarm function, once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will alarm replacement brake pads. Reached the limits of the use of the brake pads must be replaced, even if still can use for some time, will reduce the braking effect, affecting traffic safety.

3, want to change brake pads when replacing the original spare parts supplied, this is the only way to make the braking effect between the brake pads and brake discs best, minimal wear and tear.

4, replace the brake pads must use a special tool let the brake cylinder back to the top. Cannot use other crowbar hard pressed back, if do so easily lead to the brake caliper guide screws bend, brake pads stuck.

5, after replacement the brake pads are needed to step on the brake kicks to eliminate the gap between the brake pads and the brake disc, if don't do this will result in the first time did not brake prone to accidents.

6, after replacing brake pads, the car needs run 200 kilometers orders to achieve the best braking effect, newly replace brake pads to be cautious driving.


Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as:

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