How to remove air conditioning odor

Car generally excessive use of air conditioning in summer festival, and after a long period of use, the air filled with dust road already gather and odor, it will affect the mood is not conducive to a healthy drive, so today we will teach you how to do it yourself, remove the air conditioning odor air channel.

Bask in the sun
For car smell is not serious, we can find a sunny day to drive to the hot sun, so that the air conditioning system in the heater block, and then open to the maximum amount of wind in the door windows fully open state of the sun on ten minutes . One can use the car to the second largest ultraviolet disinfection; secondly let hot air flow passage of the dirty air inside to be thoroughly circulated. The benefits can be done without spending a penny odor work only drawback is weak interior odor removal.

Change air filter
Air filter is the most easily overlooked places, some people do not even know there is a car air filter is cleaned regularly and need to be replaced, but already dirty air filter dirty air filter not only would not achieve the role, but also on fresh air into the car cause secondary pollution, so I want to completely remove the car smell it must be blocked at source.

Air filters normal conditions, the life of a factory or thirty thousand kilometers a year dvd player in dash, if often traveling in poor air quality dirt road or pavement would shorten the timely replacement cycle. Especially for people who frequently smoke in the car, pay more attention to inhuman air filter. Clean up your own cartridge is simple, air-conditioning filters most small cars are in the car's front windshield below, will remove the filter and clean with high pressure air blowing, drying in the sun and then a few hours later loaded back bit can be achieved in addition to the purpose of the odor, but has serious pollution filter requires complete replacement.

Duct cleaning
Replace the air filter is the source of the bacteria to enter the car blocked, but there will be the same as if the smell of bacteria left in the duct. There is a simple way to remove the smell inside the duct, is the use of air conditioning duct cleaning agent. There are many air duct cleaning disinfectant, the price on the hundred dollars to tens of dollars, owners can buy on the market demand. Cleaning method is very simple, parked the car outside the loop switch will turn on the air conditioner to stop the natural ventilation air environment after a good place, and then the cleaning agent sprayed evenly aligned outlet duct, a few minutes later Window air conditioning can be thoroughly ventilated.

Of course, this method is also applicable to the pollution of the air duct is not very serious, if it is not cleaned for a long time those vehicles duct, it is best to professional car care center to the car to do a thorough steam sterilization or photo catalyst more effective X431 Diagun 3.

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