Good driving habits good for car maintenance

In everyday use, some just little things can be solved; some are purely due to improper driving. Part of the money unconscionable repair department, by the owner of the lack of car knowledge, often took the opportunity to repair the expansion, for example, I have seen one owner to repair air conditioning does not cool to go wrong X431 IV, a mechanic for her replacement compressor assembly, the results did not solve the problem, then checked and found the fault lies solely with thermostat. Here are some of the cars driving tips that can make you better avoid unnecessary failures.

1, do not start too fast, so as to avoid dragging the ground and accelerated tire tread wear.

2 should be based on the size of the vehicle downhill slope, length and road conditions, vehicle speed control appropriate, use the emergency brake to avoid or less, reduce tire wear.

3, the vehicle turning condition should be judged according to a curve, the turning radius. Generally car equipped appropriate gear to avoid the inertial force and centrifugal force to accelerate unilateral tire wear.

4, driving on uneven roads, one should choose the road, hitting the tire and the road surface to reduce, avoid damage to parts and tires, and to slow amble to avoid tire bumps and strong vibrations.

5, when turning the car will overtake through the intersection, narrow junctions, railway crossings and other locations, should have an appropriate speed, and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, ready to brake, less frequent braking, reduce tire wear.

6, lane highway maintenance or construction sites, the application of low- road approach to amble through choice and avoid crashing or subjected to excessive tire was stabbed.

7, through muddy lots should be called a solid choice, do not slip through the place, so as not to tire subsidence, standing idle, causing severe vibration and tire sidewall severe cuts scratches.

8, vehicles in parking and station parking should develop safe taxiing habits in dash dvd.

Good driving habits can make your car better maintained, but also let you to have an enjoyable driving experience. Therefore, don't forget regular maintenance care and at the same time don't forget to develop good driving habits. If you want in order to save yourself from problems, you ought to obtain a vehicle diagnostic tool placed on your automobile, such as:


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